For instructors

DiveMax® for Windows is an educational Windows program offered for free for diving instructors.

Most divers will agree that planning dives can be very difficult for a beginner diver. It is, however, crucial to understand the correlation between diving depths, times spent on the bottom and on the surface, and the nitrogen levels in your body tissue. The more you understand, the safer dives you can execute.

We believe the graphical user interface of DiveMax® can be a tremendous help for any diving instructor who teaches the physical laws of diving for the beginners. It clearly illustrates in real-time how changes in diving parameters affect the nitrogen levels in body tissues. Just like its smart phone versions, DiveMax® for Windows is very quick to use and can therefore be very helpful in the training situation.

DiveMax® for Windows is available for educational use only. Download it now for free!

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Are you already using DiveMax® for traigin? We would love to hear your feedback. Please answer just three simple questions to help us develop DiveMax further. You’ll find the questions here.